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Ro Andersen
Mama's hand should not be pressing on the back of baby's head. If a baby's head is pushed forward, they will push back against it, away from Mama's breast. This reflex protects them against smothering. Also I would like to see the lips flanged and a representation of the tongue being forward, cupping the areola and drawing back in the suckle motion that expresses milk from the breast. The graphics are beautiful, however, and it could be helpful for perinatal breastfeeding education with some correction.
Comment from : Ro Andersen

Comment from : domo

Science & religion affirm breastfeeding is best! "When the child is born, it is she who has been endowed by God with the milk which is the first food designed for it, and it is intended that, if possible, she should be with the baby to train and

nurture it in its earliest days and months." - Baha'i Universal House of Justice

Comment from : LearnEnglishESL

Ayesha Khan92
my baby prefer formula instead of breastmilk 😑
Comment from : Ayesha Khan92

Miss AJ
Comment from : Miss AJ

Fan of Disney
Great Video!
Comment from : Fan of Disney

this is amazing. ..a woman's body does so many things wow..
Comment from : MzVan21

How did I.....get....here?
Comment from : jacksonfan4life123

Lo Grego
Glad it got 2 million views... Knew I couldn't be the only one who wanted to know 😂😂
Comment from : Lo Grego

Comment from : goddambitch12

Shannon King
To ask you people who think it's 'gross' or in anyway judge breastfeeding, this is why women have breasts to feed their babies it's a lot healthier than formula and had so many benefits to the mother and baby it gives the baby all the nutrients they need and it reduces the risk of Sids and for the mother it helps the mother To lose her pregnancy weight also it's great for bonding because it brings mother and baby closer together I'll admit about a while ago i was adamant that when I had kids I want gonna breastfeed but Now I can't wait to have kids do I can have the experience!
Comment from : Shannon King

Zarria Oakley
I was breastfed for 10 months. Breastfeeding rocks!
Comment from : Zarria Oakley

It's amazing how we're born with the instinct to suckle and drink from the breast
Comment from : Jacob

Optimua Prima
I want a child now
Comment from : Optimua Prima


Comment from : 簡綵淮

Tiffany Mbiba
Comment from : Tiffany Mbiba

This isn't good, the latch isn't well shown, and in cross cradle hold the mums hand is shown as behind the babys head and this could tip baby nose in whish could result in the baby not having an off centre latch and so not milking the breast well. There is better information in the web than this, its n0t all bad but some parts aren't very good. Dr Jack Newman has some good info, as well as The Breastfeeding Network.
Comment from : mrssheene

Hey guys!  I'm a graduate student hoping to get some baseline information for a class paper about how people use the internet to find support for breastfeeding (NOT a formal research project). If you are a mom, mom-to-be, or a partner, please consider taking this short anonymous survey. Thank you!

Comment from : kdrouin1

Johnathan n Angela Carvalho
Yes it is breast feeding is a natural bond with mother and child
I'm doing breast feeding for the first time with my twin boys
I'm due any day now can't wait to see them :-)

Comment from : Johnathan n Angela Carvalho

Scarlow Boutique
Insightful Video
Comment from : Scarlow Boutique

Ares Alex
Breastfeeding is such a beautiful act.
Comment from : Ares Alex

I m a nurse. It helped me to know the exact positions of breast feeding.....
Comment from : tanveerpeace

fiona rosina
The reason why it is bonding is because, scientifically, it releases a hormone called oxytocin which is known to create a bonding feeling. Breastfeeding is a personal choice but it is also very natural throughout all mammals.
Comment from : fiona rosina

Sarah Barriger-Fields
I am breastfeeding my 4.5 month old as i'm watching this. Lol it's a lot simpler then they make it seem.
Comment from : Sarah Barriger-Fields

this will turn you on one day and you will be intrigued with your wife's girlfriend's or strangers boobylicious delicous nutricious natural boobie milk...should you ever allow your mind capacity and ill informed comment change, learn and grow, you may enjoy this to no end..give it 10+ years of getting your head out of your a double s, and appreciate this natural remedy for a fetish, you will one day think of my response and realize how foolish your opinion once was.....i have hopes for you.

Aaro Salonen
Pirates of the caribbean remix got me here.....
Comment from : Aaro Salonen

Rachel Walls
i like the cradle hold position. i did that with my baby
Comment from : Rachel Walls

André CoG
More women need to know about this.
Comment from : André CoG

Alphonsus Nugroho
Just FYI, after giving birth, many women complain that their stomachs never as it used to. These "uterus contractions" help mothers, just like you do the sit ups.
Comment from : Alphonsus Nugroho

Janice Eckworth
I don't get that either. I actually had more fun changing nappies (even though it's gross), because I could then see my boys' faces looking at me. When feeding all I saw was ear/hair/cheek; pretty boring, but a good time to play sudoku on my phone.
Comment from : Janice Eckworth

I'm going to use it in my propaganda to re-popularize breastfeeding. For various reasons (beauty, career, fashion), many mothers in my society nurse their babies for less than a year, and some of them do everything in their power to prevent their breasts from producing milk (like tie them tight to prevent growth when pregnant). My pension must be provided by healthy adults who were breastfed by their mothers for at least a year :)
Comment from : Donnie

The Legend of Seph
Because there is no such thing, yeah.
Comment from : The Legend of Seph

Shaun Bukovnik
Mother of two speaking. Teeth grow slowly... it's not like suddenly they have teeth to tear your boob off. Your baby just nurses, without hurting you. No big deal. It's not like God said, "oh... oops, forgot about that part."
Comment from : Shaun Bukovnik

ariya roundy
oh god this is beautiful
Comment from : ariya roundy

Nanase Haruka
I'm sorry but when she say's nipple's it's funny as fuck!
Comment from : Nanase Haruka

Bardzo dobry film. Gratulujemy
Comment from : STUDIO FENIKS

Khalid Bin Mohammed
Comment from : Khalid Bin Mohammed

The benefits are helping your uterus to contract after giving birth? eeeeeeewwwwwww.
Comment from : Barbarianvibrations

mine did!!! she did it from birth all the way to 13-14 months. sore? lol yes very!!!
Comment from : GuitarRockinChick18

Comment from : BOB ALHASNI

FathimaAennisa Aennisa
nyawww but.... why is the aipple growing at...O__www
Comment from : FathimaAennisa Aennisa

Cococachew Tris
why is the mom and the baby completely naked??
Comment from : Cococachew Tris

Video Leaks
I laughed so hard every time she said "nipples".
Comment from : Video Leaks

Cosmic Aria
actually when babies are teething and start getting their teeth they may still be breast feeding so yes woman can get bit i even bit my mom when i was breastfeeding when i was teething
Comment from : Cosmic Aria

there are other reasons not to breastfeed your child. Such as the mother is one a medication that could be harmful to the infant. After all that is one concern I have for my future children since I am asthmatic and I know there are control medications that can be harmful.
Comment from : shoaran10

' yes breastfeeding milk to the baby is the best baby healthly than formula
Comment from : bestamerica

This is extraordinarily out of date, and not at all helpful. The breast anatomy is wrong, the baby's tongue position is wrong, the way he/she latches is wrong, and there is no mention of Biological Nurturing positions and postures which promote both baby's and mother's instincts. Facilitating normal birth and enabling BN widely would mean less need for such educational resources, but if they are needed, do at least get them right!
Comment from : Fit2Bust

Catz Breed
Time to clear history
Comment from : Catz Breed

merlijn polderman
this totaly ruined "boobs"
Comment from : merlijn polderman

The breast feeding specialist at my hospital recommended sticking your finger in between the babies gums whenever it bites, so that it will learn that biting make the milk stop coming. I'm sure that if you have a baby (idk what gender you are...) you'll have the support of the hospital staff to answer those questions for you personally :)
Comment from : Noisylissa

You have CLEARLY never breastfed a baby!
Comment from : Noisylissa

Because you have no respect for women!!
Comment from : SailorMew

sebastian cuello
@MissHaileyReann i was born orphan
Comment from : sebastian cuello

yeppeun seonyeoyeo
Every women's breast will sag from the start of them getting bigger and if they don't sag then, they will someday. The only time they do not sag is when they are fake, surgery-made breasts, which are hard, completely round and way too perky for comfort.
Comment from : yeppeun seonyeoyeo

teddy power
im 13 and im watching porn
Comment from : teddy power

C Manson
Will the baby bite the nipple? How to prevent that?
Comment from : C Manson

What I don't get is why people like you assume that the only reason woman don't breastfeed is because they think it hurts or they don't want there breast sagging.
Comment from : 17veem

What I don't get in this world sometimes is that some mothers give milk from packets, what they don't get is that a mother's own breast milk is a thousand times healthier than any other milk from a packet. I get the point that it may hurt and make your breasts sag...but seriously? IT'S YOUR OWN CHILD FOR GOODNESS SAKES! Don't you want nutrition to fill your own child? Don't get me wrong, please...it's just a fact I heard ;)
Comment from : groovyangel666

Why is it so? They don’t get the chance to hold it themselves? Also, any sources?
Comment from : NetIncarnate

Sonia Inopiquez
Comment from : Sonia Inopiquez

olivia crouse
Question I use nipple ends for breast feeding but I don't think I should be using latex neither does my husband will that hurt my daughter
Comment from : olivia crouse

I'm a first time mother. And I already have big breasts and sensitive nipples, the smallest touch hurts. Will breastfeeding hurt me? As I know my breast will double in size by the time I give birth.
Comment from : Negus_queen

Angie Cope
It is the process of the nipple stretching from the strong suction of the baby's mouth...
Comment from : Angie Cope

The whimsical Fuzzwald
But....why is the nipple growing at 2:00.....O_o
Comment from : The whimsical Fuzzwald

Breastfeeding does not REDUCE the risk of anything (asthma, SIDS, ear and lung infections, etc). Breastfeeding allows the baby to develop as she's meant to. If being fed by anything other than breastmilk (formula, evaporated milk, etc), their chances of these things are INCREASED over that of a breastfed baby, only because they are not being fed what nature intended. We must stop wording things like this. Why are we? Is it because to say "formula feeding increases the chance of x" is too harsh?
Comment from : 1984princesspeach

Comment from : Tr1P_ToN1c

Arthur Yeap
would like to share in our web.... bayi-ibu.com
Comment from : Arthur Yeap

Nature is amazing. A baby's instinct that there's milk for consumption is the most amazing part. How does a baby even know how to suck? Wow! The longing for survival, adapting to the needs, are all instinctual.
Comment from : krazyfua

Or you could say "I was wondering how the whole process worked." or just switch to another video on youtube.. Yeah, I know there's not really any point in trying to bring logical solutions to these mainstream comments, especially since the comment was made 5 months ago and the main goal with youtube is to post comments that already have been posted a million times to get thumbs up. Signed, Mr. Buzzkill. Cheers
Comment from : nam

etty.sabariah Wuryanto
Comment from : etty.sabariah Wuryanto

i had no idea that's what they look like on the inside, it explains a lot of what i can feel during my random checks for lumps or abnormalities. Also great tips on how to breastfeed a baby. i didn't know you had to aim, i just assumed it was just a straight forward latch-and-suck kinda thing lol
Comment from : yourlilemogirl

Lydiesther Portilla
I think that it is very useful for women to know this...
Comment from : Lydiesther Portilla

i know right..
Comment from : ska8tergamer2

Manny B.
football hold makes for tougher babies.
Comment from : Manny B.

All I have to say is that people are absolutely and irrevocably idiotic? Grow up children, you may well have done this exact thing when you were an infant.
Comment from : MissHaileyReann

Shiva Gogo
@Joe34880, I use the incognito mode :P
Comment from : Shiva Gogo

It's a beautiful thing!
Comment from : danielion999

Change if you can the position of the mothers hand in the cross cradle. You show on the back of the head and this creates baby pulling back and not allowing the head extention needed for a good latch. Also need more jaw action with more flaired lips. otherwise great job.
Comment from : kaleemjoy

@Rurix48 because youre an immature dumbass whos just learnt something
Comment from : MrChannel5news

Rory McClellan
Made in blender
Comment from : Rory McClellan

Alicia Allen
This is for mom's and is so non-sexual. I hope none of you have kids until you're mature.
Comment from : Alicia Allen

If the mums hand is on the back of the babys head babys nose goes in, and baby will be likely to not tak enough breast in to get a good latch. Also it helps a baby to feed if the head is back a bit, and the nose will then be free of the breast = asymetric latch.
Comment from : mrssheene

Cradle hold, Side lying position, cross cradle hold, football hold. I think I saw all of those on WWE.
Comment from : rphinks

cant believe it,well actualy im bearly watching it.
Comment from : TheFirester

when the baby sucked the nipple, I gagged...
Comment from : Giggitgator

Trym GK
why did my interest (sexualy) in boobs suddenly change from extreme to just a little?
Comment from : Trym GK

Bruce U
"most babys want to suck nipples 8-12 times a day" lol i can understand them xD
Comment from : Bruce U

Bruce U
haha she said nipple :D
Comment from : Bruce U

I came for the education, thank you :) they didnt teach this in my school days in Health Class. :(
Comment from : TheWhatify

@luckycat411 im wondering the same thing i was watching music then i got here
Comment from : AfyRanger

that babys got moves
Comment from : Anbu9000

Jack Gibson
Well. This is just like animals. We all are mammels.
Comment from : Jack Gibson

Hannah Worthington
You should never hold the baby's head when latching. Very very bad practice and can cause all kinds of issues.
Comment from : Hannah Worthington

Ermin Vlahovljak
@shadow6490 Prolactine and oxytocine
Comment from : Ermin Vlahovljak

Loco Teddy
Proactive and ocycotin?????
Comment from : Loco Teddy

Lord Fettsack
sucking sounds xD
Comment from : Lord Fettsack

Lord Fettsack
Nipples :D shOOOWW MEE YOURE tiiiittaaaaayyyyzz :]
Comment from : Lord Fettsack

AH, don't rub your nipple on you baby's mouth!
Comment from : DeadpoolDeadcool

What the fuck.
Comment from : DeadpoolDeadcool

Monica M
@MrTarantula1000 Your comment just made me burst out laughing, I agree 100% that is a LONG nipple. xD
Comment from : Monica M

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