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Sasitharani Jagadeshprabu
Your baby is extremely cute
Comment from : Sasitharani Jagadeshprabu

Sasitharani Jagadeshprabu
My mom did breastfeed in only breast
Comment from : Sasitharani Jagadeshprabu

Donna Brown
Oh, I'm so happy to hear that oversupply gets better with time. I have a 4 weeks old baby and oversupply and it's so hard to breastfeed
Comment from : Donna Brown

Nadia Chet
sooooooooo cuuuuuuute
Comment from : Nadia Chet

I did as well! My boy just wouldn't stay on the right side ever! At the time I thought it was really weird and combination fed as I didn't know any better!
Comment from : Ralion

Siobhain Payne
I have so many questions. I was just recommended to try single sided feeding yesterday, bc of my little ones upset tummy. is there any way other than this that we can communicate?
Comment from : Siobhain Payne

Ellie Jacobson
I managed to single-sided feed my Daughter Jessica for a year. The amount of advice I got in the beginning about feed for this length of time, don't pump/do pump, do this/don't do this...in the end I just went with the flow and did what we found comfortable. She was fussing so much on my left side that it was very clear it wasn't doing the job. So in the end my right side ended up doing all the feeds. I never had an issue with engorgement or anything, her weight was steady and now that it's all done my breasts look exactly the same, there is no way of telling. I think, as you say, you must always do what you think is best, there's a lot to be said about maternal instincts and as long as you are both happy and healthy and neither one is suffering-go for it. Xx
Comment from : Ellie Jacobson

Tigerlilly Quinn
I found this so interesting! Mabli defo prefers one boob and I pretty much feed her from that one 75% of feeds I think! X
Comment from : Tigerlilly Quinn

Ysis Lorenna
So helpful, SJ! Thank you for sharing your experience. I've been wondering about this for a while. I feel like ditching the textbook as well and doing what my body and my baby tells me to do! You're doing so well to exclusively breastfeed. Keep going, mama!! ❤️
Comment from : Ysis Lorenna

House of Hutton
Hm this is very interesting! Never heard of single-sided feeding before! BF with my first son was disastrous, we combo fed for 4 months and eventually limped to a halt with the BF. Undiagnosed 90% tongue tie for 8 weeks messed up my supply and yes, torticollis! Meaning he could only turn his head one way. Cranial osteopathy sorted that out. He went 75 percentile for weight to 2nd centile! And was 91st centile for height. So maybe next baby I'll have more success now I know a bit more! Thanks for the vid!
Comment from : House of Hutton

Amie Wibowo
Love the video <3 I'm currently still breastfeeding my lil' baby girl, but I can't really say it's one sided. However, starting her age 6 months (currently 11 months) am started to breastfed her more often on the left side. Just as you said, the baby prefer to be on the left side and just ignore the right side. My milk produce is starting to get affected and when I pump the milk difference is huge. I can only have 30 ml to maximum 50 ml for a single pump for the whole day (from the right). I am working full time by the way and only nurse the baby during night time and early morning. Do you think the milk supply on the right side will grew if I latch her more frequently on that side or it will still gradually decrease until it totally don't produce anything just as you? Either way, thanks for sharing and making me at ease knowing that it is still possible to nurse/breastfed with one sided only :)
Comment from : Amie Wibowo

Lulastic Hippyshake
PS I looooove your hair!
Comment from : Lulastic Hippyshake

Lulastic Hippyshake
Love this SJ, I suffered from mastitis to, so it is really cool that you have found a way to avoid this x x
Comment from : Lulastic Hippyshake

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